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Hi, Here is my 2015 comics series project:BPI, I worked on the art and awesome novel writer Andrew Dilks on the story writting. We spent our spare time making this for hobbies. If you like to follow us on Facebook, you can join us here

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- 2, Nov ,2014 -


Many Thanks For Computer Space inviting me to talk about Sci-fi Design in Sofia, That was a great journey and met so many great talented person. Here are somel images of the presentation. Hope you like it. It is the facility for drones and also this is ↓ the asset for the comic.↓
Taking off from the electromagnetic

aircraft lauch system



The Patrol Aircraft :
A light patrol aircraft for the
main chararcter in the chapter 1 ↓
The aircraft left a long trail





- 09 , March ,2014 -
update some images for Comic Project: one new class ship WIP images, Also, Andy Dilks has made huge progress of story, He is totally awesome...so talented.. His story now had became my huge inspiration for this project.漫畫小更新,一艘新的級別艦。另外小說家Andy Dilks也有大幅度故事進度,愈來愈精采了
- 23 , Feb ,2014 -
quick update the COMIC main character:Becky, it is still in wip stage, but it shows the style I want to put into the book. Hope you like it.
- 10 , Feb ,2014 -
quick update the COMIC project: Here is a cover art,  I pushed it a bit to abstract side and had some fun to add those lines and strokes like materials onto ship's surface. Right iame is the space carreir. It is huge, flights can take off and departure from its top shell's gap.
- 28, Jan ,2014 -
Update for the comic project: This will be the main art style for this ship. It is a bit old russian mechanical language and the ship was built by the company call '' Blue Patrol Industrial. It's heavy stuff :D Right GIF animation is a 360 render of control desk.For higher resolution, please click here.
- 1 ~ 6 , Nov ,2013 -
quick Daily Study: some spaceship design for my own comic. tried to find out the best shape for it and figure out how does it look like at the damaged stage. That was all done in Photoshop, I used some my 3dmax models to paint over to get the roughly ideas.
- 31th, March ,2013 -
WIP of Comic_
Here are few test pages for my personal sci-fi comic, I started to work on this story mid of last year, it has been changed few time since I finished the original version.
Here are four quick screenshots, Basically, I created 3d models in 3dmax and rendered them out by built-in toon shader with mental Ray engine.